Sunday, April 13, 2008

A quick Pic...

Yes, I DO realize that my posts have suddenly slowed down to almost naught. Imagine that :-)
But they will return, albeit slowly. (It's just this past week has been more real life prep and paperwork than one could possibly imagine...)

In the meantime, I thought I would post this picture I took of 713 Ayres at the last Rave in Kintyre. This is her new Steambot Kitty Av, from her new Isle of Axis Mundi. I've been a fan of her art in world (and also in real life for some time. I have her octopus print in my powder room in the real world.)

She was dancing to disco when I snapped this; she looks so happy! If you like the av, you can pop on over to Axis Mundi and purchase one yourself, and there are lot of incredible freebies hidden on the isle in celebration of the grand opening (No affiliation, just appreciate another good artist, yadda yadda..)

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